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What are you doing to measure and develop your students’ critical soft skills?

Using a combination of 60 years of science in soft skills, bite-size video simulations, and the portability of certificates, PSI provides schools and organizations with a single platform to assess, develop, track progress and report on student and young graduate employability.

Soft Skills Assessment

Everyone is wired for success. Level 1 helps users find their path to a rewarding career and see their strengths. With this foundation, individuals have a strong “baseline” to work from and know where to focus their learning and development.

Level 1 takes 25-35 minutes and includes an assessment activity that provides insights on:

Soft Skill Development

Watch 16 Built-In Videos

To prepare users for the workplace, our bite-size videos develop proficiency in 16 soft skills and help users prepare for employer interviews. Our animated videos provide just the right amount of instruction to be effective yet fun. Level 2 can take anywhere from a couple of hours to months to complete when paired with assignments and reflection exercises.

Users Learn

    • Analytical Problem-Solving
    • Innovation
    • Strategic Vision
    • Drive for Excellent Results
    • Customer Focus
    • Continuous Learning
    • Coping with Pressure
    • Initiative
    • Flexibility
    • Decision-Making
    • Planning and Organizing
    • Reliability
    • Cooperative Teamwork
    • Influencing
    • Management of Others
    • Integrity and Respect

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Go Custom

Or use our system to build a custom journey culminating in your OWN certificate! This gives organizations, career centers, counselors, teachers, and other stakeholders the opportunity to digitize their existing career activities and assignments such as attending a job fair, joining a club, taking a specific class, or reading a book.

Optionally, you can assign additional assessments and simulations from the PSI catalog (e.g., written, verbal, math and IT skill tests).

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Coping With Pressure

Decision Making

Integrity and Respect

Soft Skill Mastery Tests

Today’s workplace demands more than a great GPA. Employers want to know individuals have the problem-solving and teamwork skills to hit the ground running. In level 3, users prove they can put their new soft skills into action by choosing the most effective responses in a series of common workplace situations.

Depending on the user’s career interests, these workplace scenarios can take between 30-90 minutes to answer. In this level, users will:

  • Take competency testlets to prove their understanding of key behaviors
  • Receive “readiness certificates”
    • By Competency
    • By Career Cluster or Job
    • By Specific Companies (Optional). If enabled, clients can survey their employer partners to identify success traits within their organizations.
    • Certificates can be branded for your school or organization
  • Share their digital profile of accomplishments on social media (Resume 2.0)
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