See how our system benefits you

Career Services

  • Increase the level of service and career engagement to all of your students.
  • Digitize your existing career activities, certificates, and processes.
  • Get stronger buy-in from faculty and staff.
  • Use a single platform to track and measure your processes and their alignment to learning outcomes.


  • Get to know yourself better and how you fit with today’s workplace opportunities.
  • Develop your soft skills and be prepared for high-stakes interviews.
  • Enhance your leadership skills suited for any job.

Deans / Department Head

  • Improve student engagement and retention.
  • Produce a better-skilled population for your key internships and job placements.
  • Manage special certificate initiatives and align your progress to learning outcomes.


  • Leverage ready-made tools and resources to measure and develop your students.
  • Integrate your own curriculum and assignments for easy tracking and awards.


  • Build a network of young talent with better skills than ever before.
  • Find employees that are a better fit for your specific needs and overall company culture.

Government / Workforce Development Administrators

  • Use a system focused on awareness, skills development, and outcomes tied to & driven by industry needs.
  • Survey local or national employers to identify the skills needed to fill critical jobs.

Un / Underemployed looking for upskill/refresher

  • Find career paths that fit your unique skill set.
  • Develop and align yourself to better opportunities in today’s marketplace.

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