Why Take A Career Test?

Whether you are just starting out or a career changer confused about where to go next, a career test will help you make those difficult first moves in the right direction. Here are the top four ways that a career test can help you get started:

Discover your career preferences

The results of an accurate career test will help you to learn about your personality and identify your key interests. For example, it can help you to figure out whether you would gain satisfaction from jobs that involve organizing, in which case you may particularly enjoy jobs such as bank manager or accountant.

If you are considering a career change, the results of your career test will help you to decide what to do about your current situation. Is it the environment that you are not happy with, such as the culture of the organization or how your work is structured? Or are you simply not engaged with the field because your interests lie in a different area? A career test will help you answer all those difficult questions.

Get some fresh career inspiration

A career test can help you to connect your personality and all that makes you unique with a list of all of the potential careers available, some of which you may not have heard of or considered!

Gain confidence

Whether you are thinking about changing career completely or moving into a new role, matching your personality and interests with a job is the key to a fulfilling career. Even if you already have some idea of your interests, a career test can serve to give you the confidence that your career interests are well matched to your personality.

Land the Job

By explicitly identifying your potential personality traits, interests, and work style, the results of your career test will help you to understand and articulate the motives behind why you chose a particular path. This will help you in those difficult conversations you makeHAVE with potential employers: Why did you choose this particular field? Why do you want work here? What can you offer us? What makes you unique?
Knowing your personality, interests and work style is essential in order to make the right decisions about your new career. It also helps you to communicate your choices and your strengths to future employers. Make taking a career test the first step along your journey to landing your ideal job.

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Why Take A Career Test? - Am I Job Ready?